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hearty lunch sammies

meatloaf sandwich - heritage pork and grass fed beef, roasted veggies, ketchup glaze, garlic aioli, arugula, potato roll (8)

turkey & swiss sandwich - roasted thin sliced turkey with greens on wheat bread (8)

chicken caesar wrap - grilled chicken, kale, house made caesar, wrap (8)

ham & brie sandwich - sliced deli ham, domestic brie, stone ground and dijon mustards, fresh baked baguette (8)

eggplant and mozarella  sandwich - heirloom tomato, mozzarella, basil, focaccia bread, balsamic (8)



bacon & blue - greens, bacon, mushroom, blue cheese, red wine vinaigrette (5)

mix green salad - mixed local greens, apricots, golden raisins, cranberries, toasted hazelnut balsamic vinaigrette (5) {v}{vv}{g}

cucumber & edemame salad - shaved scallion, toasted sesame, cayenne-ginger vinaigrette (5){vv}{g}

green bean, walnut & feta salad walnuts, red onion, feta, parsley (5){v}{g}


getting warmer

three bean chili - pinto, black, kidney beans, tomatoes, spices (made with or without meat) (10){v*}

chicken pot pie - peas, carrots, potatoes, onions, creamy chicken gravy (12)

veggie pot pie - peas, carrots, potatoes, onions, mushrooms, creamy veggie gravy (12){v}

beer braised short ribs - pasillo, chipotle, tortilla, tomato, garlic (12){g}

skillet meatloaf  - heritage pork and grass fed beef, roasted veggies, ketchup glaze (12)

braised drapper valley chicken - braised leeks, roasted mushrooms, roasted garlic jus (14)

skillet fried chicken - bone in, black pepper honey drizzle (14)


platters  for ten

domestic cheese platter - blue cheese, swiss, gouda, aged cheddar, crackers, dried fruit (45){v}

charcuterie platter - prosciutto, sopresata, finocchiana, salami, mustards,dried fruits (55)

crudite - seasonal fresh and roasted veggies, house-made fancy sauce, hazelnut balsamic dip (38){v}


small bites big flavors

grilled vegetable skewers - onions, peppers, eggplant  (2.5){v}

yam & prime rib skewer - chimichurri  (3) {g}

cornmeal crepes - Syrah poached figs and pears with blue cheese (3){v}

roasted sweet corn crostini - sweet corn, tarragon, creme fraiche (2){v}

roasted cauliflower & goat cheese spread - crostini, garlic, arugula, pine nuts, goat cheese (2){v}

grilled chicken skewers - with skillets chimichurri sauce (4){g}

molassess bbq pulled pork on a chip - 16 hour pulled pork, russet potato chip, pickled shallots, big b's bbq sauce (2.5){g}

strawberry & yellow tomato tartine - chevre, frisee, crostini, tarragon vinaigrette (3){v}

grilled chicken skewers - with skillet's chimichurri sauce (4){g}

beet lollipop bites with pistachio dust - roasted golden beets, pistachio dust, piquillo pepper, sea salt, evoo (3){v}{g}



jalapeno cornbread - brown sugar, roasted jalapenos, goat cheese (2){v}

mexican rice - salsa roja, onions, garlic, tomato (3){v}{g}

black beans - roasted chayote, cotija, chiles (3){v}{g}

skillet mashed potatoes - creamy mashers, onions, garlic (2.5){v}{g}

whiskey baked beans - brown sugar red beans, barrel aged whiskey, pork bits (4){g}


sweet treats

profiteroles - house made creampuffs, chocolate drizzle (2)

chocolate pb sammie - chocolate chip cookie, peanut butter cream, creme fraiche (4.5)

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